Monday, April 27, 2009

Anna's Sense and Sensibility quilt

This is my dear daughter, Anna. When we have more than a few days together, we will usually indulge in one of our favorite rituals--watching the Ang Lee film "Sense and Sensibility." In addition to the lovely story, we also adore the art direction in that film. Shortly after we had first seen it, I found a glimpse of the actual quilt that Jane Austen, her sister, Cassandra, and their mother made. I showed it to Anna who immediately said she wanted a quilt like that.

We had a wonderful time collecting fabrics for it and because I only had a picture of a little corner of the quilt, I had to devise a pattern for it. (After it was finished, I finally got a Xerox of a full view of the quilt from an Internet friend in the UK and discovered that what I thought were squares on point were really diamond shapes and that there was a flower basket center design!)

Our borders were very close to the original, though.

The back is flannel--two printed florals. A generous single size,
it graced her bed during her last two years of high school. On the label, dated
1997,I wished Anna a life that was a balance of sense and sensibility. Nearly twelve years since, I would say she has more than achieved that.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Beautiful....your daughter and the Sense and Sensibility quilt.