Thursday, April 23, 2009

Many thanks

To all of you who left comments on the post about "Danny's Left Arm," I thank you kindly. That you took the time to write down your thoughts touched me very deeply. Several people said that Dan's accident must have been very scary, and, in retrospect, it was terrifying. Whilst it was happening, I think we were all in shock. Luckily, our instincts were to take positive action rather than panic. I will always be very thankful that my Girl Scout first aid training just kicked right in. The main surgical nurse told me that keeping pressure on the wound kept Dan from losing so much blood. Of course, Jim's strategic driving got us to the hospital in record time, which was an equally big help.

Melissa S. mentioned The Story of the Root Children and I was so happy to have this book and several others by Sieglinde Schoen Smith brought to my attention by her comment. I collect children's books that feature quilts and I quickly ordered these. Information sharing is one of my favorite features of the Internet.

A big thank-you is also in order for Park City Girl Amy. The Bloggers Quilt Festival was a huge hit as far as I am concerned. I found some wonderful new blogs and saw so many beautiful quilts from (at last count) 543 blogging quilters! Who knew there were that many of us?

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