Friday, April 10, 2009

Boston, Days 3 and 4

Sunday morning, Anna came in to join us for breakfast. The weather finally cooperated and gave us blue skies and sunshine without Saturday's cold wind. After a delicious breakfast, we visited Tevanna, a tea shop with an Eastern twist. I purchased a wonderful herbal blend (jasmine and rooibos), a flavored Earl Grey, and an almond biscotti flavored black tea. We then had a wander through the Barnes and Noble in the Prudential Center, and headed for the bus stop at Copley. Right across from the bus stop is the Old South Church. While not as famous as its sister, the Old North Church, it is an imposing edifice on Copley Square.

Back in South Boston, we met up with Matt and his mom and youngest brother for dinner.

Monday was our last day in Boston. We caught a cab to Southie and had breakfast at one of Anna and Matt's local spots. One of their specials is grilled muffins! No joke. Our lovely visit came to an end, but we will see Anna again soon for Grandma Peanuts' 80th birthday celebration in June.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I never got to spent time in Boston (had flown into there right before 9/11 and had to drive home!)so it was fun touring with you.