Friday, April 24, 2009

Spider-Man doll

When my son Dan was a little guy, he was crazy about Spidey on The Electric Company. Well, back then (early 1980's) there were very little merchandising. We managed to find a 4 inch action figure, but that was about it. As Christmas was approaching, I got the inspiration to make a stuffed Spider-Man doll. The action figure didn't have great detail, so I went to a comic book store and got a Spider-Man graphic novel that had a great front and back image of the now-famous red and blue web-covered suit and in particular, the black spider on the front...

and the red spider on the back. The webs and the spiders were done using stem and split stitches.

The doll body was made using a Vogue pattern, I believe. I cut the pieces out of muslin and then machine appliquéd the red and blue sections in place.

The eyes were also machine appliquéd. The embroidery was completed on each of the pieces and then the doll was assembled.

Spidey was well-loved and now enjoys a restful retirement.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What some Moms do for their children!! Amazing work Dana.