Monday, April 20, 2009

My mother's garden

My mom will be 89 in June and is still an avid gardener. She doesn't weed much these days because it's tough for her to get up and down, but my dad is a champion weeder. Mom is one of those people who can grow anything and several years ago, a friend gave her an orchid and a love affair began. These are some of her orchids that were in bloom during our visit this week.

This one hangs right outside the garden room window.

We send Mom this one last year for her birthday.

Mom and Dad's neighbor grows orchids, too, and he gave her the start for this one.

The petals of this one are such a beautiful shape.

I had to show you Mom's rosemary, too. Can you believe the size of it?


niena said...

OMG, I luv orchids, and its so beautiful. I tried to grow some orchids too but not as beautiful as ur mom's orchid.

Dolores said...

I think the plants all know that your mom loves them and that's why they thrive. Wonderful!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love the orchid photos! My son is an orchid grower as well. He would love the ones your Mother has.