Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quiet morning of quilting

I had occasion to drive to Chapel Hill this morning and spent a quiet hour and a half quilting at a wonderful shop called That Coffee Place. Two delightful young UNC students chatted with me about quilting and crocheting and I enjoyed a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea whilst getting some quilting done on "Mérida Remix." If you're in the Chapel Hill area, make a visit to this warm and welcoming establishment.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Doesn't get much better,quilting and a cup of Earl Grey. Of course there is always spinning and a cup of tea.
By the way, what is the little gadget next to your quilting hoop?

Dana W. Fisher said...

It holds my quilting thread and on one end it has a magnet for needles. I use the little rods at the top for my thimble and rubber fingertip. I would love to learn to spin. I went to a knitting retreat several years ago where it was demonstrated by a lady who does the entire process from raising the sheep on. Thanks for visiting, Phyllis.
All the best,