Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sue Nickels @ Gate City Quilt Guild

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Sue Nickels, co-creator with her sister Pat Holly of The Beatles quilt, presented the program at the second meeting of the Gate City quilt guild tonight. Sue and her sister are both incredibly talented quilt artists in their own rights, but are also unbeatable collaborators. The Beatles quilt won best in show at Paducah in 1998.

Sue's program was about the history of machine quilting, which is really much older than one would imagine. In their travels, Sue and Pat have collected historic examples of quilts that were machine quilted. The oldest goes back to the 1870's. Sue will be teaching at Randy's Quilt Shop in Greensboro this weekend and there are still a few places available. Her raw edge appliqué and machine quilting are stellar and I'm sure her classes will be terrific.


lesthook said...

I sure wish I could make it! But it's a little too far on short notice.

Jaye said...

Sue Nickels is a great teacher. Hope you enjoyed her.