Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Two-hour delay!

Naturally, since I was already up and ready, getting that message that we were on a two-hour delay meant the gift of two hours in Safety Pin Studio before going to school. First I finished basting "Mérida Remix." It's in the hoop and ready to be hand quilted now.

Next I went back to work on my niece's birthday gift. Since she sometimes visits the blog, I won't show too much. It's a crazy pieced wall hanging with lots of embellishments. I've been loving the work of several wonderful crazy quilting bloggers in Australia, Annie Whitsed of Annie's Crazy World and Sharon B. of Pin Tangle. As a result of looking at their work, I've added more trim and more rows of stitching.

Feather stitch with beads is one of my favorites.

Here's another row of feather stitch using a fine cord with a gold thread through it.


niena said...

Luv this!! And ur feather stich looks so darling.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thank you, Niena. I'm nearly finished with the embroidery and I'm going to try to get the borders on this weekend.