Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow day...but not really

Yes, you are looking at photos of Greensboro, North Carolina taken this morning. It's a snow day for most of the Triad. Even UNC-Greensboro is closed and my husband has a snow day! Since this is my first year with the school corporation, however, I have no vacation days to use, so I slogged into work this morning--optional teacher workday. Snow driving down here is terrible because they apparently only have one or two snow plows and we got a layer of ice before the snow started. So it's me and the janitor and the principal and maybe one or two others here at school. At least it's pretty. Enjoy some of the scenes I captured this morning.

The maple tree in our backyard.

My Adirondack chair.

Trees in our backyard and our back neighbor's less-than-attractive shed.

Some trees in our next door neighbor, Bob's yard.

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niena said...

Nice I wish I can be there.