Thursday, July 09, 2009

"Bits and Bobs"

This is a post of "bits and bobs" to quote Hagrid. My life feels somewhat scattered this week. Lots of errands and little jobs to do that don't really involve much creativity. I am making good progress on Finn's quilt--quilted most of one corner whilst waiting for my car to be serviced and inspected (see what I mean?).

I posted some time ago about Twitter and I am definitely still a novice Tweeter. Locating people to follow with similar interests can be difficult, so I wanted to provide a great link from Mashable about finding people on Twitter. This is a wonderful site that I go to when I want to get the 411 on the latest technology.

In between other things, I'm also rereading Half-Blood Prince before the movie comes out next Wednesday! Yes, I know. Nerd alert!! I don't care. How can you be a librarian and not love Harry?


quiltcat said...

I'm really impressed that you are doing all that quilting by hand and making such good progress!

I love Harry Potter, too! I was an "early adopter" and was astonished to see how popular the books became. And thrilled to hear about the numbers of kids who had never read, and having discovered Harry Potter, became avid readers.

Dana W. Fisher said...

I completely agree, Cat. The Harry Potter books have been gateway books for millions of kids who never finished a book before. Thanks for your kind words about my quilting progress, too.
Best regards,

Nancy said...

I too am a fan of Harry, since the beginning. It started when the very conservative principal of my daughters' northern IN (public) elementary school banned the first book from the school's book fair. (He was famous for "banning books", so a group of parents made it a point to protest this loudly,read these books, purchase them for our kids and share them with other families.) As with most of the books he tried to ban, they were harmless, and many written to inspire kids to read.
I even turned my 30-something dentist onto Harry!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Nancy, that's a story that does my librarian's heart good. The Harry Potter books are on the most frequently banned books list every year now and I am constantly amazed. They are no more about advocating witchcraft than are fairy tales like Snow White with witch characters. If people would just READ the books, they would discover Rowling's strong thematic concerns about making the right choices in life being the key to becoming a good person.

One year at my school in Crawfordsville, I read the first book to a class in the cafeteria before lunch during the time when the cafeteria workers were eating their lunch. I didn't realize until several of them came to the library to find out if they could check out the book, that they had been listening and gotten totally caught up in the story!

Thanks for your story and your visit to the blog.
Kind regards,