Monday, July 13, 2009

Finishing Finn's Quilt

Baby Finn's quilt is completed and on the way to Massachusetts. I made bias binding from one of the blue and white striped fabrics.

I made a tag for the label that is sewn to the quilt before the bias goes on. After writing the information, the tag is folded in half with right sides together, the two sides are sewn up, leaving the top open. Turned right side out, it is then pressed along both seams and sewn to the quilt on the back side with raw edges together. The bias then goes on the front side and is sewn down by hand on the back. (Here's a tutorial for sewing the bias on.)

In addition to identifying it's new owner, the giver, and the maker, it also includes washing instructions.


quiltcat said...

The striped binding is an adorable finish to a very nice quilt! I also like how you do the label...making it self-facing and sewing it into the binding makes it more sturdy than the ones i do where i just turn the edges under and applique it to the back of the quilt. I'm going to "borrow" that idea!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Cat--
By all means, borrow away! I've tried the label appliqed to the back and tried piecing the label into the backing fabric, too, but I don't like seaming the back, so this works well.
Kind regards,