Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wicker Furniture Dilemna

So, I'm scraping along and as I get large areas free of the paint, a little voice starts nagging at the back of my head saying, "Maybe you shouldn't paint it."

It's looking like the pieces may have originally been green. You can see a big patch of it on the rocker.

And once in a while I come across the most gorgeous little kiss of copper paint. Copper was THE arts and crafts metal accent. This furniture was made for all those lovely porches on Arts and Crafts and Craftsman homes being built in the teens and '20's.

The couch is in a similar state to the rocker: lots of green showing through and infinitely scrapable.

The chair is going to be tougher because it's been indoors and my dad has kept it painted, so more layers to deal with here.

I've written to an antique company that specializes in wicker and to the Wicker Woman to see what they think about the paint issue. I'll keep you updated. Back to my little blue-handled scraper.


Rosa-Munda said...

What beautiful pieces of furniture you have there. And what patience you have! Good luck. Ros

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thank you, Ros. Since they were in my family, I'm very fond of them, too.
Kind regards,

quiltcat said...

It's lovely seeing the furniture reveal its earlier colors as you scrape! Interesting that it was something other than white, which i think of as "the" wicker color. The other thing to think about while you're scraping, Dana, is if the paint is that old, it's probably got lead in it...

Dana W. Fisher said...

Yes, I'm working outside, but I should probably wear a mask, too. I'd thought of the very same thing.
Kind regards,