Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Friday already!

Well, I have no good excuses even. It's just been one of those weeks when I've done little jobs around the house that aren't very interesting like scrubbing bathrooms, priming quarter round, cleaning closets, hemming pants, and filing paperwork. We are having company for dinner tomorrow evening, so I've put the porch back together for now. That work will continue on Sunday. I am making a new cushion for the wicker rocker. I went to Hancock's to buy the foam and am using the decorator fabric with which I made pillow shams the first summer we lived here.

This must have been a low biorhythm week for me. Usually, I don't have any trouble getting motivated to do something creative. This last week, every day was just a slog. On the bright side, I will have a very clean house and time to return to Safety Pin studio on Sunday. Onward and upward.


quiltcat said...

enjoy your company...and then how nice to be able to go back to being creative without having domestic chores looming undone!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Absolutely! Thanks for visiting, Cat.