Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A potpourri of project updates for July first

Here's a photo of my progress on the Brownies quilt whilst I was in New Jersey. Since I didn't make the deadline for the Thimbleberries challenge at Randy's, I've taken time to work on other things.

Last night I got the stripes all pieced for Finn's baby quilt and put the first thin border on.

I found backing flannel and a great polka dot fabric for the last border in New Jersey. My goal is to have this baby quilt sandwiched and pin based by the end of the day. Once it's quilted and off to baby Finn, I'll go back to the Brownies quilt.

This is the scarf I finally finished. No lie, I've been carrying this around for years. The yarn and the pattern came from Needleworks, a shop in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois that my friend Diane and I used to frequent. It's been two years and change since our last trip there and I bought it way before that!

I also finished quilting Mérida Remix in New Jersey so I'm sewing the binding on it this morning. Hand sewing the binding and quilting the baby quilt means lots of work to do on the screened porch.


Jean Baardsen said...

You're certainly making good use of your time! All the projects look great. I love the flannel with the boats. Lucky Finn, to be getting that quilt.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thanks, Jean. We had lots of unstructured time in New Jersey and I'm not one to just sit! Finn's daddy is in the Coast Guard and they've done his nursery with a boat theme.
Kind regards,

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You certainly stuck to your plan and finished lots of things. Great baby quilt and the brownies are looking good!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thanks, Mary. I'm planning on quilting on the porch today. Have a great fourth of July.
Best regards,