Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby step beginnings on the new piece

Sorry for the thin postings these last few days. It's been a rather rotten week and busy on top of that. This weekend has been sent from heaven, though: nowhere to be and time to be together. We went out for breakfast Saturday morning and then while Jim worked in his study, I had some time to work on the Brownies quilt. I've decided to do traditional appliqué rather than raw edge fusible appliqué. The first set of hands is ready to go.

Socks and the top of the hat are also ready to go for the main brownie. Then I'll do the brown work on the rest of the figure.

The border around the main Brownie block is square within a square blocks so I also started chain piecing those. There were so few light fabrics in the Thimbleberries stock that I had to try several combinations to get the right light/dark contrast. This quilt is for a challenge that Randy's Quilt Shop is having so I must limit myself to just Thimbleberries fabrics. Here's the original post about the design.

I know lots of people are interested in unique notions so I thought I'd show you this thumb pin cushion. I found it at a quilt show years ago when I was first learning appliqué from my friend Anita Hardwick.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The brownie is going to be so cute.
Like the pin cushion - I have never seen one like that. What keeps the pins from going through to your thumb?