Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BBQ City Quilters of Lexington, North Carolina

Before I go anywhere (even if it's only 30 miles down the road), I like to do a little research about the place, look at a map to get the lay of the land, find out about any interesting spots I might want to visit. How else would I have discovered the Pigs in the City contest in Lexington, North Carolina? Inspired by their big Barbecue Festival, the city of Lexington has a Pigs in the City contest each year. The one above, SeSQUEALcentennial pig, is in front of the City Hall.

This little guy, Huckleberry Pig, was in front of the Davidson County Library. A big thank you shout-out goes to the reference librarian who helped me find the guild's meeting place.

Knowing that Lexington is famous for it's barbecue, I decided that dinner at the Barbecue Center was a must. The chopped sandwich topped with red slaw was superb as was the sweet tea.

The BBQ City Quilters couldn't have been more welcoming. Jan was kind enough to let me photograph one of their beautiful nametags. This is a small, but remarkably active and prolific group of quilters.

This top was constructed with fabric bought at the recent AQS show in Paducah and another member had already gotten her Paducah fabric top pieced AND quilted.

Vicki, the guild president, shared an older quilt from her closet during show and tell.

Give up? It's a batik stamp.

One of the guild's newer members lived in Asia for several years and acquired them at a market. She had them beautifully framed for display.

I showed lots of my quilts and gave my little talk on creativity. All in all, it was a delightful introduction to Lexington and a great group of new quilting friends. Thanks so much for your hospitality, BBQ City quilters.


Willow said...

Hi Dana, It was a fabulous event to have you talk to our guild. Your quilting journey is absolutely inspiring! Thank you for sharing with the BBQ City Quilters' Guild. Best wishes,Donna Sink

redhotmama said...

Dana, gosh I was so taken back by your talent and the exquisite pieces you shared with us at our guild meeting. As an "infant" in the quilting world, I have not stepped outside the box to date, but after seeing what you have done, I find my thoughts wandering in the direction of creating art, a story through fabric, if you will. And you, my dear, are responsible for unveiling my new desire. Thanks. Best of luck.