Friday, May 08, 2009

Linda Cantrell @ Gate City Quilt Guild

If you happened to walk past Randy's Quilt Shop last night, you'd have thought it was more likely a comedy club. Linda Cantrell provided the riotously funny program for the May meeting of the Gate City Quilt Guild as well as some up-close looks at her fantastic appliquéd quilts. A painter before she began quilting, Linda is a self-taught appliqué artist. Photos, unfortunately, do not do her work justice. The detail is just breathtaking and her humor shines out in her signature pieces.

Reading the tombstones in Linda's piece called "Halloween" is an incredible treat. Seeing several of her pieces together, you begin to see reoccurring characters like Sun Bonnet Sue and Elvis. Her technique is flawless and her creative energy boundless.

"Pat Finds Nirvana" is my favorite because of it's obvious Buddhist references and all of the wonderful quilting details.
Photo credits
Photo of Linda quilting
Pat Reaches Nirvana and Halloween quilt photos

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