Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Doorknob Art

I've written before about my Doorknob art. One of the things I wanted to complete during this past long weekend was a little gift for a teacher at school. I thought I'd share my process. Our school colors are green, white, and black, so I used green cross stitch canvas with white floss for the school name and pulled the fabrics from my scrap box.

I cut the cross stitch canvas at odd angles because it makes the crazy piecing more interesting. Starting in the upper right, I add fabrics in a clockwise direction.

I trim and then press after each fabric is added to make the piece lay flat and cut down on bulk.

Each succeeding fabric should be long enough to cover the previous one.

This is about halfway through the crazy piecing.

All the fabrics are added and the front just needs to be trimmed. The backing fabric has all three colors.

Here's the finished front.

Our school mascot is the cowboy, so I had to add this cute button of a cowboy hat.

I cut a 12-inch length of ribbon and sew it to the front about half an inch in on each end making a loop.

Then I sew the back to the front (right sides together, of course) leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

Next I turn it inside out and use the point turner.

I cut up batting scraps and save them for stuffing.

All stuffed and I just whip stitch the opening closed.

All finished.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very nice and how thoughtful.

quiltcat said...

What a nice gift! i am soooo going to steal this idea! (Hi, my first comment on your site. I just noticed your site name on Kelly Ann's blogroll and had to come see what a quilting librarian was all about as i'm a quilter who loves books.)