Monday, May 04, 2009

Needle-free creativity: Gardening and cooking with herbs

What a wonderful picture this is! Not only does Michelle Obama know her way around a towel and and look at home in gardening gloves, she's smelling the herb (sage, I believe)! I certainly don't look as great in my gardening togs as does Michelle, but I have the same love of growing things that she obviously has. I bought two more herb plants at the Farmers' Market this week.

This is the first one, cilantro, for Indian food and pico de gallo.

The second one was curly parsley for many different recipes.

Last week I bought this gorgeous basil plant from the same booth. Pesto and bruschetta are my favorite things to make with fresh basil.

Chives came back from last year and are now blooming. I'm looking forward to that first batch of vichyssoise--I love chopped chives on the top. Chives and broad leaf parsley are wonderful in meatballs, too.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I bought basil and cilantro this week too! I have to keep them in the house or on the porch for a while yet. My chives are up but not blooming.