Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long weekend update

Aren't these gorgeous? My dear husband bought them for me yesterday at the Farmers Curb Market. I also got some lovely tiny yellow squash to make pickles,

fresh peas, and three new plants--dill,


and rosemary.

I'm battling with the squirrels who love to dig in the herb pots, so I hope the little dill plants make it.

My iron died last night, so my first task this morning was buying a new one. I settled on the Euro-Pro Shark. So far I'm loving it.

On the Brownie quilt front, I'm working on the half square triangle borders and then I'll appliqué the hands down. Last night while we watched some DVDs about movie musicals, I nearly finished quilting the Battle of the Books wall hanging. I have high hopes of finishing up some of these smaller projects this weekend. What are all of you doing with your long weekend?


Michael Abbott said...

That iron looks slightly menacing. If it knocks on your door and says "Candygram," DON'T open it. ;-)

The flowers are beautiful. That husband of yours is a keeper.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I just bought that same iron last week! Rowenta in the garbage can.
Brownie is looking good.