Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Quilt Update

Well, now that the orange madness is behind us, back to finishing this baby quilt. The one I made previously was meant to go with the cute monkey nursery decorations that are available now. I found this wonderful backing fabric (again) and it started the color palette. This is a close-up on the label that shows the back. I appliqued one of the monkeys onto the label.

This is a shot of the front. Many times I'll use one of the striped fabrics to make bias tape because I love the stripes on the bias. That's what I did here.

As I mentioned, I pin baste the center and then thread baste the edges. I've done enough of these that I can "eyeball" sewing the diagonals, so I don't mark the center.

Once the center is finished, I do mark the borders beginning with a corner. I follow the diagonal lines out to the edge and add several parallel lines of quilting in the corners maintaining the same distance between lines.

Once the corner is quilted,

I mark across that side to the next corner. I use my see-through ruler so I can keep the quilting lines straight and parallel to one another. You can see the tails of thread that I leave on purpose so I don't have to stop and start so much.

I use my lovely half hoop that I got in Paducah years ago to quilt the edges.

Next time, making bias tape and binding the edges.

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