Monday, February 02, 2009

More crazy piecing and embellishment

I tried to take a picture in the mirror and it's not the best, but this is the apron that I made as a sample for the class. I have had a piece of 1930's Depression fabric for years that's bubblegum pink, black, and white and I love that combination of colors. It was my inspiration fabric. I used it in the apron and for the ties and the binding around the top. I made a strategically placed button nest when one of the seams frayed a little while I was embroidering. I love using my Mama's old buttons in my projects. She is my sewing model. My mom knits and does embroidery, but never took to sewing. Her mother could sew anything. I can remember her cutting patterns out of newspaper. When my mother and her sisters were teenagers, Mama would make dresses for them based on what was in movie magazines. When I get a scanner, I'll put up some pictures of her. One of my favorite things to hear her say was, "That's foxy!" I think she'd say that about this apron!

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Lisalou said...

I love crazy patchwork and haven't been brave enough to try it yet, but can I ask you a question, as silly a question as it may seem, do you make your patchwork block, them embellish each piece as you go or do you embellish it after it is quilted? I would love to try my hand at it. Thanks!