Wednesday, February 04, 2009

OP Challenge: Update 1

I've decided that I have to use the Mayan fabric as my inspiration, so I've made some cuts to the orange pile and added purer blues to the mix. I tried to add some tints and tones in each pile.

Texture was also a big consideration when I was pulling fabrics. I found lots of good blue ones.

The Mayan fabric was actually a dress that I bought in Mérida when my husband and I were on a second honeymoon about 25 years ago. The store where I bought it also had bolts of fabric and I have kicked myself ever since for not buying out the store. I think that the artist who created it must be named "Escalera." Anyone out there know this person? I tried Googling, but no luck. I'd love to see what the artist is making now.

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Daughter Anna said...

I remember that dress!