Sunday, February 08, 2009

OP Challenge Quilt Update #3

Just a quick note with the new picture of the OP Challenge quilt.  I've added another column of the blue glyph shapes and a little crumb pieced column to balance the other side.  I'm auditioning fabrics for the top and bottom now.  I think I'll reverse the colors and create a base for all of this to "sit" on and not too much more at the top.

T-shirt workshop I'm teaching for the Piedmont Quilters Guild is today at Randy's Quilt Shop in Greensboro. Randy is incredibly generous in letting the guilds use his fantastic classroom space.  It's also very handy for anyone needing supplies to just walk out the door and find whatever they need.  Many thanks to Randy and Lillian and all the other staff at the shop for making me feel very welcome.   I have to admit, though, that after four weeks of workshops, I'm really looking forward to no plans next weekend!

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